Studio Baby
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I wrote Studio Baby during the biggest transition of my life (although, back then it had a much longer title). Becoming a new mom not only opened me up to all the feels but to all the fears. I spent years covering tragedies as a television reporter and in the aftermath of my son’s birth, serious anxiety followed. I turned to affirmations and mindfulness to help me enjoy the beautiful baby in my arms. I loved him so. I wrote on my cell phone as I tried to figure out who I wanted to be as a mother.

Flash forward: I’m now a mom to three kids five and under. I still lean on the lessons held in my little book. I am still amazed I did something for myself during such a season of giving. In Studio Baby I bear witness to the gratitude I watched rise when people I interviewed lost everything in a house fire. I share the wisdom a priest doled out a blessing at the Gulf Coast. It helped me with my anxiety, early on with a newborn. I weave my two worlds together for a funny mashup of new baby blunders, TV news mishaps and loads of grace. READ ON KINDLE