Timeless Wishes



My treasure trove of cards.

I absolutely LOVE birthday cards. It’s such a sweet treat to open a card and read the loving words inside. My love language is clearly words of affirmation. Over the years, I’ve moved more than a dozen times (sometimes packing everything I owned into my car.) Yet, I’ve always made space for the cards. In honor of my birthday this month I want to share one of my all-time favorites. An Aunt gave it to me four years ago when I turned 30. Her wisdom, grace, and loving words will forever ring true.

Dear Cam,

Today, you say goodbye to the 20’s and hello to the better 30’s. Not because the 20’s were bad but because we spend so much time trying to figure out who we are… we end up wasting so much of it. Here’s what I hope you know NOW.

  1. You are LOVED, because you love.
  2. It’s time not to be scared for no reason.
  3. You don’t need everyone to like you.
  4. Relationships matter but only a few matter a lot. Focus on those.
  5. Your job is not your mission. A contribution to something or to someone is!
  6. Live your passion (unless your passion is eating baby chicks or something.) IN OTHER WORDS—WRITE!
  7. Success is a matter of perspective. Remember Oprah didn’t start out as “Oprah” and I’m sure Shakespear made a few revisions to his plays.
  8. Make mistakes but learn from them. 
  9. Have Fun! No matter what happens
  10. Thank GOD! Be grateful, take time to dedicate yourself and all you have and do, to HIM.

We love you so much.

Your Aunt & Family


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