A Celebration Worth The Wait…

Camaron Brooks giving a reading in Jan. 2019

I scribbled in journals as a kid. As an adult, I started novels in my off-time as a TV reporter. The birth of my first son propelled my writing forward. I actually finished a book. A little book with a long title about motherhood and life before baby. I decided to share my words with the world. I posted a few blogs and called it good. Yet, it never felt good. I didn’t love the title and I wanted a new cover.

I felt a tinge of embarrassment from the way I published to the imperfect edit. Imposter Syndrome took root for years until I decided to change the things I didn’t like and stop worrying about the things I couldn’t change. I shortened the title and used a lovely photo, my sister-in-law Jessica Abundes took, of my baby bump for the cover.

It’s still not perfect but I’ve come to realize I’ll never produce a perfect book and it’s easy to feel like an impostor as an indie author or as a woman really. We always question whether we’re enough. Thankfully, I am finally getting around to sharing my book with more readers at an indie book shop. Twig Book Shop is located inside the Pearl near downtown San Antonio. Seeing my book on the shelves has given me more than a twinge of self-doubt but it’s worth it knowing a new mom might find comfort in my story.



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