Meet Camaron

0706161739-2-3Hi, I’m Camaron Brooks. My friends call me Cam (so, feel free!) I’m a former TV Reporter/Anchor who left small market TV News to start a family. I thought swapping the newsroom for the nursery would be easy. It proved my hardest assignment yet. I didn’t know how to enjoy the moment. I looked critically and cynically at everything. I didn’t know who I was without my title and paycheck. I also battled the baby blues (if not full-on post-partum depression) without even realizing it. Everything scared me. I looked at my son and remembered all the tragic stories I’d reported on over the more than five years I worked as a general assignment reporter. I worried I’d drop him. Or that he wouldn’t wake up. I wrote as a form of therapy and because that’s the only thing I could do to feel like myself. I needed to feel like myself. 

Working as a TV Reporter/Anchor in 2013.

I love my life today but I still struggle. That’s why I keep writing this blog because maybe you struggle too? I am a wife and mom of three. O-M-G! I continue to learn every day from my three great teachers. I thought my role as mom would mean teaching and shaping the lives of my children (Brandon 5, Addison 3, and Corbin 1, teach me more about myself than I could ever teach them.) I’m here to share my shortcomings, my triumphs and how I make sense of this joyride.

I also share relevant parenting books I’ve read and the techniques I’ve tried. My biggest struggle as a stay-at-home mom is “staying present.” It’s a full-time job, folks. I also deal with the same insecurities about not providing financially for my family all modern women must face. I hope my embarrassing moments give you a laugh and make you feel less alone. I hope you feel supported whether you’re a working mom or if you stay-at-home. We’re all in this together! I hope we can giggle together and celebrate the awesome responsibility of raising children. We’ve been given this amazing gift.

IMG_20140613_121121Hosting a yard sale after I left TV News… Didn’t need all those suits anymore.

    Lastly, I know it’s hard to take a chance on an indie author and book you’ve never heard about. I would be honored if you read my journey (sometimes funny but always candid memoir) Studio Baby: Adventures of a TV Reporter Turned Stay-at-home Mom. For the price of a latte, you will laugh and relate to all the silly moments, motherhood brings. Blowouts anyone? Some of the stories shared in the book were featured right here when it was just starting out and there is a ton of new content. Thank you for the support and I hope you enjoy!


Camaron’s work has also been featured on :

Scary Mommy


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